This Chairman shall:

  • Appoint a Hostess Chairman for each monthly Friday General Meeting luncheon beginning in June. These eleven monthly hostesses shall be on the committee planning the May annual luncheon.
  • Hold an annual orientation meeting of the eleven (11) Hostesses Chairmen (in the latter part of May, or not later than mid-June) for the purpose of familiarizing them with procedures and requirements of their duties, such as selecting menus, preparation of food, serving food, decorating the dining room and cleanup. Instruct Hostess Chairmen to accomplish the above duties through their committee members.
  • Instruct all Luncheon Committee Members to keep grocery receipts and to give signed receipts to the Treasurer.
  • Maintain the standing reservation list.
  • All hostesses and their committee members are to be responsible for complete c cleanup of the kitchen and serving areas.